Next Steps to English Activities

The activities for each topic unit are divided into four sections so that children can learn and consolidate new vocabulary and begin to use it in simple and then more complex contexts.

Red Activities

The Red Activities introduce core vocabulary for each topic.




Find it


Look and answer

In this activity, children are introduced to the vocabulary. They explore pictures and familiarise themselves with the key words by hearing and reading them.


This is a listening activity in which children listen to each of the core words in turn and then identify them by matching pictures to sounds.


This is a speaking activity in which children record the words they have learnt. The activity is designed to allow children thinking time before they identify a picture in answer to a question appropriate to the topic.


Read and find




Quick words

This is a reading and listening activity in which children demonstrate their word recognition skills and record themselves reading each of the words.


This is a writing activity in which children are introduced to the first steps of writing the core words, using pop-ups to label pictures.


This activity enables children to practise and consolidate their word recognition of the core vocabulary, using on-screen flash cards.

Yellow Activities

The Yellow Activities introduce simple sentence structures.


Read the sentences


Write the sentences


Speak and record

This is a listening and reading activity that introduces sentences related to the topic. The activity is designed so that new structures can be introduced in small steps to ensure that learning can take place at an appropriate pace.


This is a writing activity in which children use Clicker grids to write sentences based on the reading activity. They are offered a model to help them compose their sentences.


This is a speaking activity in which children record themselves speaking English. They answer questions or make statements related to the new structures introduced in the reading activity.

Green Activities

The Green Activities focus on reading short simple texts, and on comprehension.


Read the story


Listen and answer


Do you know?

This is a listening and reading activity based on a simple story or information text. It offers further structures and vocabulary relevant to the topic, enabling children to continue to develop their knowledge of English.


This is a listening and speaking activity in which children respond to the information they have read. Typically they respond to questions or instructions by recording their answers.


This is a comprehension activity in which children show their understanding in a variety of ways, such as answering questions or selecting statements or pictures in response to a prompt.

Final Activity

The Final Activity offers a summary activity for the unit, giving children
the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learnt. 



They use the vocabulary and structures explored in the activities to complete a variety of tasks including creating an animal facts chart, writing a postcard and creating a weather report.