Language learning at primary level 

Bryan Plumb takes a closer look at Clicker MFL French.

“Tout au long de la semaine dernière, j’ai étudié et surtout parlé française,
parce que Clicker 6 et Clicker MFL French sont arrivés à la poste.”

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Cheddar Grove Primary School

Learning French or Spanish

Crick Software has released two new sets of Clicker applications for teaching French and Spanish. They are intended for use in a primary classroom with a whiteboard.

"They are really well structured, with images appropriate for any age and the really useful part is the native speaker exemplars, with the opportunity for speaking into the computer and repeating phrases until they sound correct.”

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Review of Clicker MFL: French 

Reviewer John Dabell gives his verdict on Clicker MFL: French.

“You might be lucky enough to have a subject specialist in your school who actually is a specialist in their subject and not just in job title, but they're few and far between, and especially scarce when it comes to modern foreign languages.”

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