Clicker MFL French - CD 1

CD 1 introduces pupils to everyday vocabulary and sentence structures through a range of activities that incorporate reading and writing tasks, and include listening, speaking and spoken interaction.

The CD contains over 100 engaging activities, and is divided into the following 9 units:

La Famille (The Family)
Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday)
Les Couleurs (Colours)
Les Portraits (Portraits)
Au Marché (At the Market)
Les Animaux (Animals)
Les Activitiés (Activities)
Les Nombres 1 à 10 (Numbers 1 to 10)
Les Nombres 11 à 20 (Numbers 11 to 20)

The activities in each unit are divided into the following categories for ease of use:

Red Activities

The Red Activities introduce core vocabulary for each topic.


Les mots



Trouve l'image

(Find the picture)


Qui est-ce?*

(Who is it?)

This activity introduces children to the new vocabulary of the topic. Explore the pictures and click on the hotspots. When a hotspot is clicked, the name of the object is spoken and a close up of the object and its name is shown.


Children listen to each of the core words in turn and then identify them by matching pictures and sounds. This enhances their understanding of the links between objects and the French language.


In this listening and speaking activity, children identify each hidden picture and then record their answer to the question asked. Children record as often as they like until satisfied.

*The title changes depending on the activity topic.


Lis les mots

(Read the words)


Ecris les mots

(Write the words)


Les cartes


In this activity children demonstrate their word recognition skills and record themselves reading each of the core words.


This activity is a labelling activity in which children use the pop-up grids to label the objects in the picture with the correct core word.


This activity uses on-screen flash cards to enable children to practise their word recognition of the core vocabulary.

Yellow Activities

The Yellow Activities introduce simple sentence structures.


Lis les phrases

(Read the sentences)


Ecris les phrases

(Write the sentences)


Dis les phrases

(Say the sentences)

This listening and reading activity introduces sentences related to the topic. It is designed so that new structures are introduced in small steps to ensure that learning can take place at an appropriate pace.


In this activity children use Clicker Grids to reproduce the sentences they are introduced to in the reading activity. The sentences they create will be read out to them, giving them an opportunity to assess their own performance.


Children record themselves answering questions or making statements in French using the new sentence structures introduced in the reading activity.

Green Activities

The Green Activities focus on reading short simple texts, and on comprehension.


Lis l'histoire

(Read the story)


Ecoute et répond

(Listen and reply)


Tu comprends?

(Do you understand?)

Children are presented with a relevant short story or information text to read and listen to, which enables them to develop their knowledge of the topic.


In this activity children demonstrate their comprehension by responding to the information they were introduced to in the reading activity. Typically they respond to questions or instructions, recording their answers in French.


In this activity, children further demonstrate their comprehension by reading, writing and recording sentences based on the reading activity.

Final Activity

The Final Activity offers a summary activity for the unit, giving children
the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learnt.

Les Activites/Qu'est-ce que tu peux faire?

(Activities/What can you do?)

In this activity, children make their own on-screen book about activities.
They are introduced to new verbs and write about activities they can
and cannot do.

Summary Activities

The summary activities offer children opportunities to speak about themselves
using the language learnt through the activities.


Parle 1

(Speak 1)


Parle 2

(Speak 2)


In this activity, children answer questions based on the topics covered on the CD. They are able to play and re-record their answers as many times as they like.


This open-ended activity involves recording questions and answers in French, giving children the opportunity to take their first steps towards conversing in French with others. This is done in pairs amongst classmates or as a teacher-pupil activity.