Clicker Tales Activities

Each CD includes all of the following activities:

Words and pictures


Tell the story  


Find the picture that matches the word. For help, children may click on the word to listen to it.  


Choose a picture and record that part of the story. Then, listen to everything that's been recorded. This is a great whiteboard activity, where each child records their voice for one of the pictures. The big speech button reads back all of the recordings in the correct sequence.  

Character talk  


Describe the characters  


Choose a character and answer some questions from his or her point of view. On the next page, children record their own questions and get their partner to answer them. 


Children choose words to describe the characters, then talk about why they chose those words.  

Write the sentences  


Can you remember?  



Click on the eye to see the model sentence, then close the popup and write the sentence. Children move through a sequence of grids, building up a significant piece of writing as they go.  


Children answer spoken questions to show their comprehension of the story.  

Make a book 


More writing  


Children write their own version of the story, using word banks to help.  


Each CD has a further writing activity based on the broad theme of the story.