Clicker SuperDrive

The Clicker SuperDrive is an incredibly convenient and affordable way to own the entire collection of Powered by Clicker curriculum titles!

Simply connect the SuperDrive to your USB port to get easy access to our vast range of acclaimed literacy titles. Please note that you must have Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 installed to use the SuperDrive.

Outstanding cross-curricular primary resources

The resources cover a huge range of curriculum needs right across the primary age range, all accessed from Clicker’s familiar user interface. Nine complete series are included, a total of 54 CDs worth of content worth over £4000, yet costing just £1250 on the SuperDrive!

New to English

Next Steps to English

Clicker French

Clicker Spanish


At School
In the House
In the Street
At the Shopping Centre
At the Supermarket

Next Steps to English CD 1
Next Steps to English CD 2
Next Steps to English CD 3

French CD 1
French CD 2
French Stories CD

Spanish CD 1
Spanish CD 2
Spanish Stories CD


Find Out & Write About


The Ancient Egyptians
The Ancient Greeks
Animals of Cold Lands
Animals of Hot Lands
The Human Body

Life Cycles
Life in the Second World War
Natural Disasters
The Romans

Sea Life
Tropical Rainforests
The Tudors
The Victorians 

Clicker Phonics

Clicker Tales

Oxford Reading Tree
for Clicker

Trackers for Clicker


Sounds Around
Noisy Bears
Rhyme Time
Alphabet Animals
Sounds and Letters
Read and Write

Jack and the Beanstalk
Little Red Riding Hood


Stage 1+ More First
Sentences A
Stage 2 More Stories A
Stage 3 More Stories A
Stage 4 More Stories A
Stage 5 More Stories A

Level 0: Bear Tracks
Level 1: Elephant Tracks
Level 2: Frog Tracks
Level 3: Giraffe Tracks
Level 4: Parrot Tracks
Level 5: Tiger Tracks
Level 6: Zebra Track

Access all resources with no installation

Every one of the Powered by Clicker resources on the SuperDrive will be available from within Clicker, with no installation.

Powered by Clicker

The Clicker SuperDrive is an add-on resource for our reading and writing support tool Clicker. In order to use the SuperDrive, you must have Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 installed. Clicker 7 is compatible with all modern Windows and Mac computers.