Sounds Around

In Sounds Around, children learn to listen and discriminate between sounds in five familiar localities – the park, street, garden, beach and farm. There are many opportunities to record their own sounds and talk about the different localities.

Sounds Around includes the following activities for each location:

Find the sound 


Behind the door 


This activity helps children to develop an awareness of sounds in different localities. They do this by looking at pictures and listening to associated sounds. 


This activity helps children to develop their listening skills and their ability to identify various environmental sounds. They do this by matching the sound behind the door to the correct picture. 

Sound jigsaw 


Sound game 


This activity develops children's awareness of differences between sounds in the environment. Children complete a jigsaw puzzle by matching the pictures on each puzzle piece with the correct sound. 


This activity aims to develop the ability to discriminate between sounds in the environment by asking pupils to identify matching sounds. 

My sounds 


What can you see? 


This activity encourages children to think about sounds we make with our voices to imitate familiar environmental sounds. Children create a picture book and record their own sounds to accompany the pictures. 


Children develop their speaking and listening skills by looking at picture scenes and talking about the things they see.


What can you hear? 


Children listen to a range of environmental sounds and are tasked with guessing the source.  


(Requires Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 for Windows or Mac).