Read and Write

With Read and Write, children practise and reinforce their synthetic phonic knowledge and skills through a range of reading, writing and spelling activities. Opportunities for the application of synthetic phonics skills are presented in fun stories that have decodable text.

The Tricky words and Quick sounds activities are an ideal introduction to the CD and revise skills and knowledge learnt in Sounds and Letters. There are also some additional extension activities which can be carried out independently from the letter groups. The Word challenge activities enable children to consolidate their phonics skills in reading more challenging words. In My writing, children write a series of progressively difficult, phonically decodable sentences.

The CD is then divided into 7 accumulative letter groups. This means that children can work at appropriate levels and progress through the groups as their confidence with an increasing range of phonemes and graphemes grows.

The following sets of activities are included within each accumulative letter group:

Stories - Read 


Stories - Record 


Each group contains 2 stories; Story 1, a picture book with a simple sentence on each page, and Story 2, consisting of a number of sentences on a single page. The Read versions of the stories enable children to practise blending sounds to decode (or read) text in simple sentences. 


The Record versions of Story 1 and Story 2 enable children to demonstrate their reading skills using their phonic knowledge and blending skills. They are given the opportunity to record themselves reading the story. 

Stories – Write 


Stories – Sentences / Questions 


The Write versions of the stories give children the opportunity to make their own on-screen stories. Story 1 offers a high level of support as children write each sentence word by word, using only the graphemes they need for each word. In Story 2, they write using all the graphemes needed for the sentence. 


Story 1 is also accompanied by a Sentences activity, in which children read incomplete sentences based on the text and choose words to fill the gaps. For Story 2, there is a Questions activity, where children listen to questions about the story and select sentences as answers. 

Reading activities 


Writing activities 


Two further reading activities are included in each group. Quick read presents children with flashcards of phonically decodable words from the stories. Help me read gives them the opportunity to read and record sentences that include phonically decodable and 'tricky' words. 


Two further writing activities are included in each group. In Write the word, children look at incomplete sentences and write words to fill the gaps. In Help me write, children first listen to a dictated sentence and then segment the sounds in each word to encode (or spell) it, using the graphemes to write each word in turn.  


(Requires Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 for Windows or Mac).