Clicker Phonics Titles

There are 6 titles in the Clicker Phonics series.

Sounds Around   

In Sounds Around, children learn to listen and discriminate between sounds in five familiar localities – the park, street, garden, beach and farm.  

  Noisy Bears   

In Noisy Bears, children listen to and discriminate between 'action noises' performed by 6 bear characters.  

Rhyme Time   

In Rhyme Time, children engage in a variety of activities that encourage them to recognise and play with rhyming words, rhyming couplets and longer rhymes.  

  Alphabet Animals   

Alphabet Animals increases children's awareness of sounds, letters and words. They meet fun 'alliterative characters' each with characteristics, skills and possessions based on alliteration.  

Sounds and Letters   

Sounds and Letters introduces the major grapheme / phoneme correspondences. Each letter sound and shape is introduced, and children gain synthetic phonic skills by blending sounds to build words.  

  Read and Write   

With Read and Write, children practise and reinforce their synthetic phonic knowledge and skills through a range of reading, writing and spelling activities.