Clicker Phonics Success Stories

West Oaks School and Technology College

(Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre)

Rachel Smith

Literacy Co-ordinator West Oaks

Elaine Hampson

ICT Consultant West Oaks

Gill Wales

Deputy Head teacher Primrose Lane Primary School, Boston Spa

West Oaks’ role as a SILC means that we work very closely with our partner Primary schools. All Primrose Lane children use our ICT suite for their ICT lessons, and we have many joint activities, with technology as a vehicle. As a direct result of this they have now installed Clicker on their own computers at Primrose Lane as well.

Clicker Phonics
You’ve done it again! First Clicker, now Clicker Phonics! What else but Clicker could let you do something like this? It’s what we’ve been waiting for. Reading is a priority in the School Improvement Plan, and Phonics is obviously a big part of this important area for both schools. Our pupils are already used to working with Clicker so they are very familiar with the way in which it works. This enables them to focus on the Phonics whilst using the technology seamlessly. It’s a real enabler. 

We love the activities on the Phonics CDs.
Rachel Smith, Literacy Co-ordinator says, “I love the sound work for our pupils because it addresses all those early skills needed before progressing to hearing the letter sounds. I also like the fact that there are writing and reading activities for our more able, e.g. Help me write. Our pupils love working on them. David for example can work alone, independently, and it builds up his confidence. The pupils are so motivated by the activities. They are so well presented, with lovely colours and characters. The activities really hold the pupils’ attention.”

Many of the activities can be used as standalone activities as well. The sound sequencing for example, for our pupils, is great for music.

There is such a great range of activities throughout the series, catering for our early learners to our more able pupils who are still presented with challenging tasks. There’s such a lot in them! They are so useful as part of our assessment processes as well.

There is no doubt that Clicker is the one piece of software that we could not do without. Clicker Phonics is the icing on the cake.