AAC the Clicker way!

Clicker Communicator’s intuitive, clutter-free interface makes it easy for learners with speech difficulties to quickly navigate to the words and phrases they need to express themselves.

Educators around the world are celebrating the fact that the Clicker features they know and love are now available to help their iPad users communicate. 

I continue to be impressed by Crick’s ability to create functional, practical and user-friendly software/apps for students with special needs, particularly for those with complex communication needs..
- Betsy Caporale, MS, CCC-SLP-L, AT

Intuitive, reliable and quick to personalise - my new favourite app for communication support. Thanks Crick Software!
- Elaine M. Sokolowski, SLP/AT

I love the crisp, easy-to-use interface! The thoughtfulness of features that no other AAC apps have speaks to Crick's continued dedication to students with special needs.
- Laura Giovanetti, CAGS, CCC-SLP, ATP