Clicker 7 and the Welsh Literacy Framework

The Welsh Literacy Framework supports teachers to embed literacy in their teaching of the curriculum.

There are three literacy strands - oracy across the curriculum, reading across the curriculum and writing across the curriculum. Clicker 7 is a great tool to support many aspects of these strands, across all year groups and subjects.

Oracy across the curriculum

Oracy is divided into three aspects; speaking, listening and collaboration and discussion. Clicker’s built-in sound recorder provides the perfect setting for children to practise both their speaking and listening skills, through recording their own voice and listening carefully to other people talking. Use a Talk About set to provide a selection of images for pupils to discuss or to help them to explain the stages in a process. Once a child has completed recording their ideas and information, you can easily save the Clicker Set, allowing you to compare speaking skills through the year and provide evidence of progression.

Reading across the curriculum

The reading strand is also divided into three aspects; reading strategies, comprehension and response and analysis. Clicker’s clear voice supports children to read any text that is in the document, whether they have written it themselves, or pasted it from an external source. Words are clearly highlighted as they are read, supporting children to follow the text independently. If you choose, you can add a Welsh English speech engine to Clicker to hear text read with an accent, or add a Welsh speech engine to hear Welsh text spoken authentically.

Writing across the curriculum

The four aspects of the writing strand can also be successfully supported with the use of Clicker. Providing children with writing frames enables them use a structure appropriate to the purpose and focus of the task, as well as helping them to organise their writing effectively. Word banks of topic relevant vocabulary give easy access to appropriate technical terms and language suitable for their writing.

Clicker also enables children to present their writing in a number of creative ways, whether as a document containing photographs to illustrate their work, or as an on-screen book with pictures created using the built-in painting tools.

Welsh Speech engine

The Welsh government funded two Welsh language text to speech engines created by IVONA and the RNIB. These voices can be used in Clicker 7 to support writing in Welsh. The speech engines are free to any school who would like to use them. For more details and samples visit the RNIB site. To request the voices, simply email with your details and they will provide you with a download link and a serial number.