Support for children with speech or language impairments

Develop listening skills

A range of activities can be created within Clicker to help pupils develop their listening skills. You can tie the activities in to any curriculum area by incorporating relevant pictures, words and sounds. Listening activities are also a great way for pupils to demonstrate their understanding of key vocabulary and concepts. 

  • Help children develop their awareness of sounds by providing audio discrimination activities. Our Clicker Phonics series includes two titles specifically designed to help children discriminate between sounds – Sounds Around and Noisy Bears.
  • Introduce and reinforce vocabulary with Listen and Match activities. Children listen to the word and then click on the matching picture. If they make a mistake, they are encouraged to try again until they experience success. As a next step, allow children to choose any picture to enable you to assess their progress.
  • As children’s language skills develop, create Listen and Match activities in which pictures are matched with whole sentences, giving pupils the opportunity to hear the information in context.