Switch Access

All Clicker activities are fully accessible with switches, connected via the Crick USB Switch Box.

Clicker grids are scanned either automatically (if you are using a single switch scan) or by pressing a second switch. We think about scanning at the design stage of all our ready-made Clicker materials, so our Clicker 6 templates, grids and talking books scan in an intuitive way.

To optimise access for individual users, fine-tune the timing settings and customise how the scan is displayed. For further reinforcement, choose an auditory scan. All functions are accessible to switch users, including moving between grids and opening pop-up grids and keyboards. Everything is customisable exactly to the pupil’s abilities, so that they only have the options they can manage.

Switch accessible writing

Clicker enables young switch users to start writing as soon as they are ready. Start with getting them to write their name by providing a grid with just the letters they need, or create a sentence building grid with just a few words for their first sentences.


Older and more advanced switch users can progress to a full keyboard layout, with links to word grids and the word predictor to speed up writing. Clicker also enables switch users to save, open and print files easily.

Switch accessible books

Clicker enables learners using switch access to read talking books on-screen, pages are turned and text is read aloud with the click of a switch. And writing your own talking books is simple, switch presses allow children to choose their own pictures and words, and to record their own voice.


Our LearningGrids site contains a wealth of ready-made books with prepared picture and word banks for children to use. Simply select the button versions for switch users.

Switch accessible activities

The Clicker wizards enable you to create a range of switch accessible activities. Produce picture banks with or without text, matching activities that use a combination of sounds, pictures and words, and speaking activities to talk about pictures or stories.


In addition, all of our Powered by Clicker titles are set up for ease of use by learners using switch access.

Mouse dwell allows users with a physical difficulty to use a mouse or pointing device in place of clicking a button. Simply hold the mouse, joystick, rollerball or pointing device steady in an area for a predefined amount of time to perform the virtual click. Personalise the mouse dwell settings, including the time delay and dwell sensitivity in the User Access options.

For more on how to access our software with switches, visit our Switch Access section.