Accessible for all

Clicker 7 Accessibility 

Clicker has always been the single most accessible educational software tool. Clicker 7 has more accessibility options than ever before, opening the door to an even wider group of learners.


SuperKeys is a unique way of accessing keyboards for those who have difficulty with fine motor control.  Instead of having 30+ small keys to target, SuperKeys provides just six large clusters.  Simply tap the cluster containing the letter you want, and then choose the letter in the enlarged cluster.

SuperKeys also clusters the cells in Sentence Sets, Connect Sets and Word Banks, again providing much bigger, more accessible target areas.  SuperKeys works with all input methods – not only mouse and touch screen, but also eye gaze and switch access.

Eye gaze 

Clicker 7 has its own Eye Gaze setting that works with any eye gaze system, for example MyGaze and Tobii.  When you look at a Clicker 7 cell and pause, the pointer locks on to it, and shows a red blob that gets smaller as you dwell.  When the circle disappears, the cell is activated.

It has a very positive feel, and there’s no wobble during the dwell, as the pointer is locked onto the cell unless you look completely outside of it.  It’s easy to optimise for individuals by adjusting the dwell time, by creating large target areas, or by turning on SuperKeys.

Touch screen friendly

Clicker 7 is just as at home when it’s being controlled with a touch screen as when you’re using a mouse.  So if you’re using a Windows tablet or a PC with a touch screen monitor, everything is just as accessible as it is on your regular laptop or desktop computer.

For example, to listen to a word in a grid, tap SoundShift, and then tap the word – it’s easier than trying to do a right-click.  There’s also a fingertip-sized touch-sensitive area around the resizing hooks in Clicker Board and Clicker Books.  To resize a writing grid, you can drag the red minimize button.

Switch Access

Clicker is an essential tool for switch users, providing extensive access for pupils who cannot use a keyboard or pointing device.  Switch users have access to writing, reading and pre-reading activities to suit their own level, and have equal access to their classmates.

Connect either one or two switches via the Crick USB Switch box, select switch access, and you’re ready.  In Clicker 7 the accessibility settings have been organised to make it easy to customise for individual needs, with a wide range of scanning options, including auditory scan.