Support for children with
learning difficulties

Left-to-right writing

Like other Clicker sentence building activities, ‘forced order’ grids contain all the words required to build a sentence. However, children are only able to select those words in the correct order. This enables learners at the early stages of writing to compose sentences successfully and helps to build their understanding of what a sentence is, left-to-right directionality and the importance of word order and correct punctuation.

When children start to put their sentence together, only the left-hand word is available to choose, the others are greyed out. Once that word has been selected, the next word in the sentence can be sent up into the document. Children work their way through each word in the sentence, until only the full stop can be selected. Once the full stop has been entered the sentence is read aloud, reinforcing the correct sentence structure.

In this example, children are able make choices to demonstrate their understanding of the meaning of each sentence. However, they are still guided in their writing to ensure that sentences are structured correctly.