Support for children with dyslexia

Overcome spelling frustration with word prediction

Clicker’s integrated word predictor supports dyslexic pupils by providing a list of potential words for them to select from as they type.

When children start typing, the predictor generates a list of likely words that begin with those letters. Right-clicking on any word in the predictor’s list triggers the speech engine to read it aloud, allowing children to listen to the words and independently select the one they want to use.

This gives children with dyslexia the confidence to have a go at using the vocabulary that best expresses what they want to say, rather than relying on words they are more comfortable spelling.

In addition, the predictor incorporates our powerful SoundsLike technology. This works out what the letter string being typed sounds like and offers words beginning with a similar sound, enabling struggling spellers to succeed in writing tasks that may previously have been beyond them.