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Clicker 6 reviews

ICT for Education 

Sue Carlyon gives Clicker full marks in the magazine's 2014 technology review.

“Would you teach reading using the Complete Works of Shakespeare? Probably not, so why is the preferred word processor in the majority of primary schools one that is designed for adults?”

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Cheddar Grove Primary School

Special Children

Teacher Emma Curry talks to Special Children Magazine about how her school is using the painting tools within Clicker to support learning.

"Clicker Paint helps children learn mouse control and ICT skills in Reception, but the program is as much about helping them develop gross and fine motor skills, learning to put things together that look right, and identifying different techniques that they can transfer into a painting.”

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Teach Primary 

Reviewer John Dabell gives his verdict on Clicker.

“A talking word processor is just the job as being able to hear what you write, as you write, makes the writing process easier and more meaningful. Overall, Clicker 6 is an intuitive, easy to navigate, creative and customisable piece of software that is getting better and better with each new edition.”

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Silverdale Primary School


Mrs Bell has used both Clicker 4 and Clicker 5 in her classroom in the past; she tells Schoolzone what she thinks about the latest version. 

“I really like the predictive text and the program’s ability to read the text back to the child, whilst the children in my class loved being able to record their own voices into their work. The addition of the Clicker Sets available on the LearningGrids website makes this suitable for any curriculum subject.”

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Wellfield Infant and Nursery School

Jane Farrall Consulting 

A series of blog posts from speech pathologist and special educator Jane Farrall, in which she highlights her favourite things about Clicker 6.

“VERY high on my list of favourites are the new tools for building word banks and picture banks. I particularly like the new word bank tool – it is very easy and quick and will let me build a range of relevant literacy supports in a very short time.”

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Moulton Primary School

John Bald / Language and Literacy 

John Bald has been teaching for many years, and has worked with many education organisations as a trainer and consultant. In this blog post, John shares his thoughts on Clicker 6.

“Clicker 6 is the latest version of John Crick’s multi-award winning software, and is the most amazing and brilliant tool ever placed in the hands of language teachers… it is time for the languages community to make full use of his work.”

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Wilbury Primary School

Merlin John Online 

ICT and SEN advisor John Galloway investigates whether Clicker 6 rises to the challenge of the inclusive classroom.

“Clicker has come a long way from being focused on meeting the needs of pupils with physical disabilities, to being an essential tool of the inclusive classroom, appropriate for learners of all abilities.”

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Burrowmoor Primary School

Mirshahi Technology News 

Teacher Ray Mirshahi, a self-proclaimed ‘Clickevangelist’, tells us why he is so excited about the latest version of the program.

“I have often been asked why I am so passionate about this piece of software…the answer is both easy and difficult to explain. It is easy to list all the features of a piece of software, but it is extremely hard to describe the joy and excitement children experience when they feel they are succeeding and realize that they love learning and nothing can stop them.”

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Hollyfield Primary School

Early Learning HQ 

ICT journalist Sal McKeown reports on the exclusive preview of Clicker 6 held at Crick Software headquarters.

“The day was packed with primary, early years and special needs advisors… everyone agreed that Clicker 6 is bigger, better, simpler and that staff who see it would want it.”

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Little Reddings Primary School

Ability Magazine 

Editor John Lamb provides an overview of the key features of Clicker 6, and gathers reactions from advisors attending the official preview event.

“Teachers and education advisors who attended a demonstration of Clicker 6 in December gasped audibly at the new features…‘I won’t be spending an hour each evening preparing lessons, and it’s ideal for use by classroom assistants’, said one.”

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St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School


Bryan Plumb interviews some of the Clicker 6 preview day attendees to find out what they think of the latest version.

“I am really excited about this. There is so much emphasis at the moment on independent learning and so much pressure on teachers to show evidence of pupils’ progress, however if a child has difficulties in recording their learning, then showing evidence of work is very difficult… Clicker 6 allows the pupils to be in control and feel safe by including a multi-sensory approach to learning.”

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