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Sophie's Nursery Blog

Teacher Lauren recently reviewed Clicker 7 on her blog.

"I always found literacy to be one of the biggest challenges to teach as we can get so bogged down with the intricacies of grammar & punctuation that children can forget how much fun writing can be. I believe this to be a fantastic piece of software - perfect for schools & for parents who want to give their child some extra literacy support at home."

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Nasen review

Review by Louise Bounous, teacher, working for a pupil and school support service.

"...In my current role as a pupil and school support teacher, and in my earlier teaching posts, I have witnessed the Clicker evolution and have seen first-hand the significant impact..."

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Teach SENCo

Sal McKeown reviews the latest version of Crick Software’s complete literacy toolkit.

"What teachers like about Clicker is that it offers so much support in different forms that it meets the needs of just about any pupil. Text-to-speech and the enhanced spellchecker make it a good choice for those with dyslexia, while intelligent word prediction ensures it’s a great tool for pupils learning English as an additional language...”

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Teach Primary

John Dabell delivers his verdict on the latest version of Clicker.

"...It’s billed as ‘the definitive writing tool’ and it’s hard to argue. This inclusive technology is without rival, and it’s now bigger and better."

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Closing The Gaps Solutions

Deb Yergeau, Crick Software.

"It’s a real challenge to successfully meet the diverse learning needs encountered in today’s classrooms, but educators across the world are turning to Crick Software for help. Our popular literacy tool, Clicker, is currently used in thousands of schools and homes to support students with dyslexia, learning difficulties, autism, physical disabilities and other special educational needs.”

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Additional features for the ‘excellent’ Clicker 7.

"Clicker 7 is an excellent tool which certainly promotes literacy skills with children that have difficulty accessing learning using the more traditional methods."

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Special World

Mick Archer, editor of Special World, reviews Clicker 7 at BETT 2016.

"For those who have followed the Clicker story each chapter has seen the addition of new features and functionality, exploiting the huge technological changes that have taken place over its lifetime. What may have started out as a humble word processor is now a literacy multitool designed to help tackle a wide range of issues...”

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‘Clicker’ gets the laurels – because there’s no rest 

For those working in literacy and special needs, ‘Clicker’ software is a legend. John Galloway greets version 7.

“No one can accuse the good people of Crick Software of resting on their laurels. Clicker has been in our classrooms for nearly 30 years, largely because it is constantly reinvented. ”

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