Voice Notes

Capture ideas and rehearse sentences with Voice Notes

When children select Clicker 7’s new Voice Notes tool, they are given the opportunity to record their
own audio notes before they write.

Rehearse and record ideas

Voice Notes are a great way for children to vocally rehearse their sentences in preparation for writing. Simply click on the microphone icon and start recording. Once you’ve finished, a speech bubble icon will automatically be added to your document. Children can click on the icon to listen back to their note, and also have the option to re-record it as many times as they like until they are happy with it.

Voice Notes also offer a powerful way to record initial ideas, giving children who struggle to express themselves in written form an opportunity to capture their thoughts without being distracted or held back by the mechanics of writing. 

Create logically coherent documents

You can add up to six colour-coded Voice Notes to a document. Pupils tackling longer pieces of writing may find it useful to create a Voice Note for each paragraph in their document, creating an audio plan to help them put together a coherent, logically structured document. Children even have the option of labelling each Voice Note to help them refer back to relevant points as they write.

Reinforce writing structures and key points

Voice Notes are also a great tool for teachers; use them to record activity-specific instructions or to create verbal prompts for your learners. This will help them work their way through tasks more independently, focus on the key objectives and organise their writing more effectively.

Develop auditory processing skills

Teachers can also use the Voice Notes tool to record a series of spoken model sentences for a child to listen to, which they would then try to reproduce in written form. This is a useful way to both develop and assess the auditory processing skills of your emergent writers.