Clicker Board

Organise and plan writing with Clicker Board

Organising ideas is a vital first step in the writing process. New for Clicker 7, Clicker Board provides
pupils with a built-in planning tool to help them prepare for writing.


Multiple ways to capture ideas

Pupils can manipulate and link any combination of words, pictures and sounds on their Clicker Board; it’s so intuitive, they’ll be able to get started straight away!

To add text, just drag in a shape from the objects palette and start to type.  Drag and drop pictures straight onto the board from your files or via your web browser. You can also select any of the 3500 curriculum pictures in the CrickPix library, or create your own images using the painting tools. Children even have the option of adding their own Voice Notes to their Clicker Board – a powerful recording alternative for pupils who are strong verbal communicators but struggle to write their ideas down.

Use the circular handles on each object to link connected ideas together, and colour code them to reinforce your structure. Opt to have just one page, or organise different strands of your plan via a tabbed board.

Integrated Clicker support

All of Clicker’s support features are available while creating your Clicker Board. Listen back to your text with the speech tool, use the word predictor to help find the right word, and correct any spelling errors with the help of the talking spellchecker.


Transform plans into structured documents

Ready to start writing? Once a Clicker Board has been created, it can be instantly transformed into a word or picture bank that will sit at the bottom of the document as pupils write, providing instant point-and-click access to key words, phrases and/or  images. The bank will mimic the structure of your board, helping pupils to organise their paragraphs and transfer their ideas to the page in a logical order.

Variety of teaching and learning opportunities

Clicker Board is great for individual use, but its touch-screen accessibility also makes it a fantastic class planning tool for your whiteboard. It’s such a flexible space, that in addition to creating visual mind maps, your pupils can use it for storyboarding, for sequencing activities…the possibilities are endless!