Create Clicker Activities

Create your own personalised activities quickly and easily

The Clicker wizards make creating your own Clicker activities an incredibly quick and easy process. Simply add in your content, and the wizards instantly transform them into a Clicker activity.

We’ve added lots of new editing features to the Clicker 7 wizards to make the resource customisation experience just as user-friendly!

Sentence Wizard

Create sentence building grids from any number of sentences:

Connect Wizard

Take sentence building to the next level by providing clusters or of words,
phrases and/or pictures for pupils to choose from.

Word Bank Wizard

Create an A-Z or topic-specific Word Bank from any piece of text.

Talk Wizard

Create activities to stimulate spoken language, using pictures, text and sound. Pupils demonstrate knowledge by recording responses to picture prompts, participate in verbal storytelling, and engage in listen-and-say activities. 

Matching Wizard

Create matching activities to develop basic problem-solving, pattern recognition and language acquisition skills. A range of activities can be created, incorporating pictures, words and sounds.

Clicker Books

Pupils can use images, painting tools, text and sound to create fantastic-looking books. As they write, children benefit from key Clicker support features including realistic speech feedback, intelligent word prediction and a talking spellchecker. You can even provide additional support in the form of topic-specific word or picture banks.



In addition to helping children to create their own books, Clicker Books provide teachers with an easy way to create personalised, speech-supported reading books for their learners. Tailor the subject matter and comprehension level to pupils’ particular learning needs and objectives.