New Curriculum 2014 for England

Crick Resources Mapping

With the introduction of the new National Curriculum, primary schools in England will be looking for resources to help them implement and meet new statutory requirements across a range of subjects.

With this in mind, we have put together a document outlining the statutory requirements and mapping them to resources from the CrickPix Library – from existing Clicker-Powered applications to fantastic LearningGrids resources – all designed to help teachers support and motivate the pupils in their own classrooms.

On LearningGrids, our aim is to deliver a range of activities to meet the needs of pupils of all abilities. For different subject areas and across different topics, we try to create a variety of activities which may include the following types: 

  • Matching, labelling and word recognition activities to introduce new topic words or images and help children to become familiar with a widening vocabulary – this may include picture/picture, picture/word or sound/picture matching.
  • Sentence building activities – children can write simple sentences with access to the level of support appropriate to them.
  • Reading, talking and writing books – children can practise their reading skills, with support as necessary, or learn about a range of topics and demonstrate their knowledge by creating their own spoken or written books.
  • Writing activities – a range of structured writing activities to support children as they take their first steps into more independent writing.
  • Word banks – to support more independent writers; these may include word banks of simple, essential words or more extended vocabulary to get children using an increasing and more challenging range of vocabulary in their own written work.

The activities listed are just some of the many examples on LearningGrids – we update the resources bank regularly, so it’s a good idea to keep checking back on the site to see what’s new. Check the website for parallel and linked resources available across our range of primary apps, including Clicker Sentences, Clicker Books, Clicker Docs and Clicker Connect.

If you think there’s something missing, let us know. Alternatively, why not create your own unique resources – with Clicker 7, it’s so quick and easy! Take a look at our 90 second training videos if you need some handy tips or reminders.