Arrange a FREE staff demonstration

To find out more about our software, why not arrange for one of our Education Consultants to show you how it can be used in your school?

In a session of approximately 45 minutes, we can show you how our software can support the children you work with. This could be either in-school or via a web demonstration. Contact our team by email or call us on 01604 671691.


Ask for the Education Consultant for your area:

Bryan Adamson

Cath Marsh
Buckinghamshire, East of England,
the East Midlands and Surrey

Jean Rawle
Cheshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands

Jordan Butel
Greater London, Kent
and the South East

Katie Harrison
The North East, North West,
Yorkshire and Humberside

Phil Hackett
Hampshire, Oxfordshire,
the South West, Wales and Warwickshire

If you are not in the UK, contact one of our international resellers, or email us to arrange a free web demonstration.