WriteOnline Updates

Major updates since Release 1.0

When we release updates, all subscribers receive them free of charge. If you are using the online version, the updates are automatically applied next time you use the program. If you are using the installed version, you must download and install the updates. You will be sent instructions for this each time we release an update. 

Release 1.6.2

May 2011

Improved line spacing
Line spacing can be applied to selected text as opposed to the entire document.

Improved paragraph indenting
The start of paragraphs can now be indented independently to the rest of the document.

Default Document type
You can now set a default document file type for your WriteOnline document.

Release 1.6

December 2010

Mouse Dwell
Provides access to Wordbars, the predictor and on-screen keyboards for children who find it difficult to use the left mouse button. By hovering the mouse cursor over a cell, you can activate the cell or listen to the words within it.

Use any speech engine with WriteOnline
You can select any speech engine installed on your computer.

The Number keys button
By clicking Use Number Keys on the predictor toolbar, you can toggle sending predicted words with the number pad or the number keys - even if the predictor isn’t docked.

Speech support for comments and notes
Comments and Notes can now be read back by clicking Speak Comment or Speak Note. 

Release 1.5

May 2010

This release incorporates WorkSpace, a powerful graphic organizer tool that enables children to create visual mind maps and diagrams, helping them to organize their thoughts and ideas before they start to write. 

Release 1.4

June 2009

Tracking Predictor
To make it even easier for children to find the words they want, the Predictor can now be undocked from the sidebar, so that it tracks the cursor as you type. This means your child can see the predicted words without shifting their gaze from the area where they are writing. The Predictor is undocked using the new Undock Predictor icon at the top of the Predictor.

We've made it easier for children to correct their spelling by integrating our new SoundsLike™ technology into the spellchecker. This technology, which is already integrated into the Predictor, detects what a word sounds like, and then suggests words based on that sound.

Picture handling
Further enhancements to improve the speed and responsiveness when positioning pictures.

Moodle integration
If you are using Moodle as your learning platform, you can now integrate WriteOnline with Moodle. This gives all your students easy access to WriteOnline through your familiar Moodle interface with no additional login. 

Release 1.3

March 2009

SoundsLike™ word prediction
SoundsLike is an exciting new technology that makes our Wordflow™ prediction even more accurate for poor spellers. It works by calculating what the word you are typing sounds like, and then predicts the words you are likely to want based on that sound. A few examples:

You type:

Predicted words include:


when, Wednesday




mountain, mound


weather, whether


Monday, month, money, moon

If you are using prediction, the SoundsLike feature is turned on by default, and can be turned off in the User Preferences dialog.

Microsoft Word file handling
Now you can easily move your WriteOnline documents between different word processors, by opening and saving documents in either of the Microsoft® Word formats - .doc and .docx.

Speech enhancements
Struggling readers may need more time to listen to what is being read. You can now change the speed of the speech in the User Preferences dialog. In addition, you can now right-click on your Wordbar tabs and your spellchecker suggestions to hear them spoken.

Enhanced picture handling
You can now add captions to your pictures and have improved control when positioning pictures in the document.

Special Needs
We have further improved accessibility for users with low vision, by enabling full customization of colours when viewing the document, Wordbar and Predictor. Black on white is retained when printing. 

Release 1.2

October 2008

Document defaults
You can now set the default font, font size and line spacing for all new documents. The settings are made in the User Preferences dialog, and are therefore saved for individual users.

Export Document Analysis results
Save and Print buttons in the Document Analysis dialog enable you to record child's progress.

Explorer enhancements
The Explorer toolbar shows the name and path of the current folder, helping you to navigate your folder structure.

Special Needs

  • An on-screen keyboard is now available. The option is set in the Wordbar tab of the User Preferences dialog. The keyboard appears as an additional Wordbar tab next to the Explorer tab.

  • For children unable to use a mouse, WriteOnline is now switch-accessible. The scanning options are set in the User Access dialog.

  • For users with a visual impairment, there are more accessibility settings in the Display tab of the User Access dialog.