WriteOnline and Dyslexia

Predicted Words

WriteOnline's powerful word predictor helps children with dyslexia to write the words they want without having to write every letter.

WriteOnline screenshotIt works by offering a list of likely words as you type, using a combination of the context (what you have written before) and any letters you have already typed in the current word. Even if your child starts to type a word incorrectly (eg 'Wen' for the start of 'Wednesday'), the predictor is still able to predict appropriate words. Using our SoundsLikeā„¢ technology, WriteOnline works out what the letter string sounds like and offers words beginning with a similar sound.

Children can listen to any word in the list to check it's the word they want before entering it into the word processor. The predictor is displayed either at the side of the document or at the cursor, and it works anywhere in the document.

Children with dyslexia are released from the onerous task of trying to spell each word, and are able to succeed in writing tasks that were previously beyond them.