WriteOnline and Accessibility

At Crick Software, we use Universal Design techniques in all our products, so that all users can access and benefit from what we do.

Onscreen keyboard

Some children may not be able to use a physical keyboard, but can use a mouse or trackerball to access an on-screen keyboard. WriteOnline allows you to choose between several keyboard layouts, and the keyboard can open automatically when the program starts. The keyboard behaves like a special Wordbar, so it's easy to move between this and any Wordbars that you have open. 

Mouse dwell

If your child has difficulty clicking a mouse button, the Mouse Dwell option enables them to enter text by simply hovering over the required cell.  

Switch access

Children unable to use a keyboard or mouse operate WriteOnline using switches. Connect between one and four switches via the Crick USB switch box, choose the scanning method and your switch users will be ready to start writing.