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WriteOnline WorkSpace

Organizing ideas is a vital first step in the writing process. WriteOnline’s WorkSpace provides an extremely powerful graphic organizer tool to help your child structure their ideas and create logically coherent documents.

Fully integrated into WriteOnline

It’s so intuitive; your child will be able to start creating mind maps immediately with no instruction. They must simply click on the WorkSpace tab at the top of the document, then drag in a shape from the palette or click anywhere and start to type. Encourage them to link their ideas as they go, and colour code them to reinforce the structure.

Get speech, predictor and Wordbar support

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All of WriteOnline’s support features are available while creating a mind map or diagram. Listen to the text with the speech tool, use the word predictor to help find the right word, or click on words in a Wordbar to enter text and create objects. There are no files to worry about, as the WorkSpace is automatically saved with the document being worked on.  

Transform your mind map into a structured document

Ready to start writing? Your child can click the Tile button to see their document and WorkSpace alongside each other, or send the mind map into their document, either as a diagram or as an outline document. Better still, they can instantly transform their WorkSpace into a Wordbar to support them as they write!

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