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Wordflow™ Word Prediction

By using the predictor, children can give their full attention to what they want to write, rather than focusing on what letter comes next. The result is greatly improved coherence, spelling and grammar.

Predicts in context as you type

The predictor is fully integrated, so that it always knows your context. A list of possible next words is offered as you complete the word you are typing. If the word you want is not in the list, just start typing – your word is likely to appear after just two or three letters!

For struggling spellers, our SoundsLike™ technology detects what the word being typed sounds like. It then predicts words that begin with that sound. For example, if you type 'fiz', words like 'physics' will be predicted, as well as 'fizzy'. Likewise, if you type 'wen', WriteOnline predicts 'when' and 'Wednesday', as well as 'went'!

Access with mouse or keyboard

To enter a predicted word into your document, either click the word with the mouse or use a number key on the keyboard (you can choose whether you want to use the numeric keypad or the main number keys).

Want to hear the word before entering it? Just right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) with the mouse or hold Ctrl while you press the number key.

Use from the sidebar or track the cursor

Use the predictor from its docked position in the sidebar or undock it so that it tracks the cursor.

WriteOnline screenshot

Predict anywhere in the document

Integrated word prediction also means that you can go back anywhere in your text to look for alternatives. For example, imagine you have entered this sentence:

I walking to the park.

You listen to the sentence and realise that you have an incorrect word ending in 'walking'. Just move your text cursor between the 'k' and the 'i' and the predictor will offer all the possible word endings. Click on 'walked' and you're done!

Personalize for your child

You can be sure your child is getting predicted words that are right for them by setting the predictor to any one of four levels. You can even create your own customised levels. All the settings are automatically stored online, so the same settings will always be used, no matter what computer your child is using.