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Expand Vocabulary with Wordbar®

Wordbar is our unique talking word bank tool. It is designed to help your child improve their vocabulary and develop structure in their writing.

Words are organized in tabs for maximum efficiency. Use A-Z Wordbars for your word banks, or categorize your words by labeling your tabs with any text you like.

Quick and easy access to thousands of words

Wordbar Explorer gives you rapid access to Wordbars from two locations: your desktop, and the hundreds of ready-made Wordbars available from our free online resources. Open as many Wordbars as you like and access them with a single click from the tabs along the bottom.

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Great for writing frames too!

All children need to learn how to structure different genres of writing. Using a Wordbar, you can teach them those structures by offering paragraph starters and the relevant supporting vocabulary. Take the following example of a discussion document:

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Wordbars for all subjects

WriteOnline screenshotJust click on the FREE Resources button on the Wordbar Explorer toolbar to connect to hundreds of ready-made Wordbars available online – and more are added every two weeks, covering a whole range of curriculum areas.

Make your own Wordbar in a flash!

Just choose the layout you want and start entering your words – it's as simple as that! Use an A-Z format for a subject word bank, or create labeled tabs to draw your child’s attention to specific vocabulary that you want them to use.

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Make a Wordbar even faster!

Want to make a Wordbar using text for a specific topic?

Find a web page or document about your subject, and copy and paste the text to your clipboard. Then choose Make Wordbar from a piece of text. Paste the text in and you're done!

All the common words that you don't want ('the', 'and', 'of', etc) are omitted, leaving you with a Wordbar containing just the words you wanted – and you didn't have to type a thing!

Connect your child to relevant online materials

You want your child to find out things for themselves, but at the same time you want to give them some guidance on relevant materials. Do this by creating hyperlinks in your Wordbar that point to the websites you want. For discussion assignments, direct them to websites that give opposing views, or as in this example, link to websites with information relevant to the history topic being studied.

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