Clicker Success Stories

Nicki Lee

Parent of Jodie.

My daughter Jodie is 8 years old and has always found writing difficult. At nursery she was demonstrating dyslexic tendencies, but it wasn’t until she was 5 that the signs became more obvious – she was really struggling to read simple words and to learn the high frequency word list her class was given. Her writing was virtually unrecognisable and her self-confidence really decreased as she realised that she wasn’t making the same progress as her peers.

When she was in Year 3 she wrote a story based on the work she had been doing in school about the Romans. She worked incredibly hard but the story was very difficult to understand and she really struggled to read it back to me herself. She became so frustrated; all she wanted was to be able to read and write like her friends.

I started searching online for something to help her and came across the Clicker 6 @home version. I was very impressed by the range of support it offered so I bought her a laptop for her 8th birthday and installed Clicker 6 on it for her to use.

She took to the program straight away – at first she just used the painting tools to complete simple activities such as designing a flag she liked, then in time she started putting together short sentences. She particularly loves the way Clicker reads her work back to her – her confidence has increased significantly and she has become much more independent.

Currently she is using Clicker 6 to support her school project work and to learn her spellings. She is also very creative and really enjoys using the picture and painting tools within Clicker to illustrate her work. She absolutely loves Clicker 6 – she wants to be an author when she grows up now!

Clicker 6 is worth every penny – I am confident that it will provide the support Jodie needs both now and in the future.