Clicker and Learning Difficulties

Reading with Clicker

Clicker talking books provide reading support at a number of different levels. You can make your own talking books and you can download ready-made books from For talking books with lots of associated reading and writing activities, we recommend our Powered by Clicker products, which are full of finely graded materials that will help your child to achieve success.

Highlighted text

With Clicker, children can listen to the story as it is read aloud – the words will highlight as they are read, helping them to follow the text and to focus on each word as they hear it. (Tip: as you make your own books the software speech will automatically highlight – you don’t have to do anything extra to achieve this powerful reading support for your child.)

Read and Record

Children can read the text for themselves, and can use Clicker’s sound recorder to record themselves as they do so. You may wish them to listen to the model before recording or just let them have a go. When they have finished they can listen to themselves and record again if they wish. Hearing themselves read is very motivating and the activity provides a useful assessment opportunity as well.

Read it Yourself

For some children, and as a next step in developing reading independence, it can be useful for them to read the text for themselves – remove the speaker button so that they cannot hear the text first. As they read, they can click on difficult words to hear them. This prompt feature prevents the reader from stumbling at unknown words, makes challenging texts more accessible, aids understanding, and helps maintain and build pace and fluency.

Highlight key words 




Highlight key words or phrases on each page to help your child to become familiar with specific vocabulary. Do this with your own books, or with ready-made ones, emphasising the new words that you want your child to learn. 

Enjoy books independently


Make talking books for your child


Early Years pupils feel comfortable with the familiar story structure of these well-known traditional tales, making this a perfect springboard for speaking and listening activities. Children listen to individual words, sentences or pages and record their own voices as they retell the stories or take on the role of a character.


Using Clicker’s ready-made templates, you can create high-interest books at just the right reading level for your child. In this way you can make any topic accessible, and even create books about your child, for example about their hobbies and interests. You can use digital photos, graphics from Clicker’s extensive picture library or indeed any clip art.