Clicker and Dyslexia

Provide Tailored Writing Support for Each Individual

Provide the exact amount of support your child needs by selecting appropriate Clicker Grids.

Sentence building

Sentence building grids include every word needed to build a sentence, so that children can write without using the keyboard. A model sentence may be provided either as part of the grid (so it can be viewed while writing), or in a popup (which must be closed while writing, encouraging your child to retain it in memory). Grids such as these really help children to develop left to right directionality in their writing and to understand that sentences carry meaning. It’s easy to create your own sentence building Clicker Sets using the Quick Grid Sentence Building Wizard. For help take a look at our Training Guide.

Word banks

There are lots of ready-made word banks, and it's easy to create your own using the Quick Grid Word Bank Wizard. For help take a look at our Training Guide.

Writing frames

Children with dyslexia often find it difficult to organise their thoughts and write in a structured way. Clicker's unique writing frames provide the scaffolding they need to get their thoughts down in a relevant sequence. Writing frames are a well-established method of helping learners with new genres of writing, something that dyslexic children often find more difficult than their peers.

There are many ready-to-use writing frames to choose from, addressing all kinds of topics from making a cup of tea to writing book reviews. It's also easy to create your own writing frame using the templates provided.