Clicker and Dyslexia

Build Confidence with Point and Click Access to Words

Clicker removes the writing block that hinders the development of many children with dyslexia by providing point-and-click access to whole words and phrases that are relevant to the current writing task. With Clicker, your child can listen to each word before using it, and when they complete their sentence, it will be automatically read back to them.

This is a huge confidence builder for children who find writing laborious or have difficulty retaining the visual image of words, and enables them to concentrate on the ideas they want to write rather than on spelling every word.

There are over 900 professionally-made Clicker Sets to choose from on LearningGrids, and with the Quick Grid and Page Wizards you can also create your own Clicker resources on any topic. This makes it easy to provide your child with the right level of support, helping them to raise their achievement and build their confidence.