Crick Picture Library

Motivate and Support Learners with Pictures

The enhanced Clicker 6 Picture Library contains over 2500 engaging curriculum pictures. The library makes it easy for children to illustrate their own books or documents, and for you to provide graphical support if your child needs additional help.

The library is divided into curriculum-related folders and provides a wide range of clear, instantly recognisable pictures. It's easy to find the picture you want by browsing the library from within the program's picture palette.

Drag and drop the pictures from the picture browser, or use our unique "Instant Pictures" feature where you simply type in a word and the relevant picture appears automatically. The pictures can also be used in Clicker Sets, the predictor and the talking spellchecker too!

Clicker Crick Picture Library screenshot    Clicker Crick Picture Library screenshot 

Browse the library in Clicker 6's picture browser: pictures are stored in curriculum-related folders. 


The range and quality of pictures is demonstrated by this section of the Animals folder.