Clicker Sets

Build Reading and Writing Confidence with Clicker Sets

Clicker grids, books and pages give your child point-and-click access to whole words, phrases and pictures, helping them to construct their work more independently. Create a set of grids to help them write a more substantial piece of work in manageable steps.

Sentence building grids

Sentence building grids typically contain all the words required to build a sentence. Some cells may also contain pictures to help children identify words, and all cells have speech on right-click so the user can hear the word before they write it.

Sentence grids are usually linked, so when a sentence is completed, the user clicks the forward arrow to move to the next grid in the sequence to write the next sentence.

As they move through the series of grids, the text in their Clicker Document grows, giving children the satisfaction of creating a significant piece of writing.

The words in the grid can be colour coded to define parts of speech. In addition you can offer a visual or aural model for your child to copy, or use a ‘forced order’ template to encourage left to right directionality.

Word bank grids

Is your child able to spell out most words using the keyboard, but still needs help with the more difficult words? Do they need encouragement to broaden their vocabulary? Clicker word bank grids provide instant access to any number of words.

Word bank grids are tabbed to provide access alphabetically or through topic areas. All words can be previewed with a right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click), which reads the word out.


Writing frames

Many children find it difficult to structure their writing, especially when writing in a genre that is new to them, e.g. a set of instructions or writing up an experiment. Writing frames provide scaffolding to help children achieve well-structured writing.

Clicker Grids are the perfect vehicle for writing frames. They provide sentence or paragraph starters, subject-specific vocabulary, and other supporting phrases.

Matching activities

Matching activities are a great way of developing basic problem-solving and language acquisition skills. They are particularly useful for supporting emergent readers and children learning English as an additional language.

A range of matching activities can be created, incorporating pictures, words and sounds, in whatever combination, to progress your child’s key skills at a manageable pace.


Talking books - for reading

Clicker talking books give you the following benefits:

  • Accessibility – just a forward and back button to turn the pages and a speech button to hear the text.
  • Flexibility – children are able to read the books independently, boosting their confidence.
  • Speech support - they can use either digitized speech or a real sound recording.
  • Connected activities - books can be combined with supporting comprehension and writing activities. 

Talking books - for writing

Making Clicker talking books is not only easy for parents – you can give your child the opportunity to create talking books too! Start younger or struggling writers with one of our easy-to-use book templates and switch on Click & Edit –it’s simple for children to enter their own text, images, drawings and even voice recordings, all with the support of Clicker.

Create your own activities

Clicker 6 makes it easier than ever before to create all the activities above and more! Visit our activity creation section to find out more!

Or...let us do all the work for you!

When you buy Clicker, you also get free access to ready-made resources on our LearningGrids  website. The resources cover a wide range of curriculum topics, and more are added every 2 weeks by our Curriculum team. They are also incredibly easy to edit, enabling you to tailor activities to your exact requirements.

We have also created an acclaimed range of premium Clicker content - our ‘Powered by Clicker’  resources, which harness the power of Clicker to further support pupils’ learning in specific curriculum areas.