Clear Voice

Review Writing with Clicker's Clear Voice

Research shows that active engagement with text encourages children to find and correct errors for themselves. This is exactly what is achieved with Clicker's clear British English speech.

Speech in word processor

By default, each sentence is automatically read as it is completed. This will encourage your child to punctuate their work, and ensure that they review each sentence before starting the next one. Ultimately, this will help them to take responsibility for their writing and make corrections as they write.

If your child needs a higher level of speech support, you can set Clicker to read each word or letter as it is entered instead, giving them instant feedback.

In addition, children can choose to hear any section of their writing again by using the speech tool in the toolbar.

Clear highlighting

Words are clearly highlighted as they are spoken, enabling your child to follow the words in their Clicker document as they are read.

Speech in Clicker Grids

Children using Clicker Grids to enter whole words may need to check the word they are about to use before they write. A simple right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) reads the word out to them. This will allow them to find the right words for themselves, and encourages them to use more adventurous vocabulary.

Additional speech support

When the word predictor or spell checker makes a suggestion, your child can right-click on the word and have it read to them, giving them an opportunity to select the correct words independently and create flowing pieces of accurate text.

Male and female voices

Clicker comes with two very clear voices called Rachel and Graham. Both sound almost human, not like the robotic speech found in some software.

Try voice

Hear the Rachel voice

Hear the Graham voice

Ensure the sound on your computer is working and then click a button to hear for yourself.