Create Clicker Activities

Create Your Own Activities Quickly and Easily

The Clicker 6 wizards are a completely new way of creating Clicker activities. Simply add in your content, and the wizards instantly transform them into a Clicker activity. For step-by-step instructions on using the Clicker wizards, please visit the Training Materials section.

Quick Grid Wizards

The Quick Grid Wizards enable you to create supportive Clicker Grids in a matter of seconds! Grids are used to enter text or pictures into Clicker Writer, either in place of, or in addition to, the computer keyboard.

Sentence Building

Create sentence building grids from any number of sentences:

Word Banks

Create an A-Z word bank from any piece of text. 

Picture Banks

Create a picture bank using your choice of pictures and / or photographs.

Quick Page Wizards

The Quick Page Wizards make it easy to create full page Clicker activities. Include pictures, words, sounds or even your own photographs!


Create a matching activity with pictures, words and sounds.

Story Telling

Create a step-by-step story telling activity with pictures.

Writing Book

Create a writing book template with word and picture pop-ups.

Listen & Say

Create a listen and record activity with words and pictures.

Talk About

Create a picture-based activity to stimulate talking about your chosen subject.