WOLWH6 - How do I import more than one Student at a time to WriteOnline?

Applies To

  • WriteOnline for Windows
  • WriteOnline for Mac


Importing a CSV file will enable you to create a whole set of student logins very quickly. Most school management systems (for example SIMS) allow you to export data as a CSV file. You can also save data from an Excel spreadsheet as a CSV file.


  1. Log in to LearningGrids website with your Site Manager details.
  2. Click the Manage Site tab.
  3. On the left side of the page, select Students.
  4. Under Student Actions click Import Students.
  5. Click Browse... and select the CSV file to import, then click Upload.


Before you start, your CSV file must contain the first name, last name and date of birth (eg. 02/07/1989) for each student, as separate fields.

It may optionally also include the year group/grade level, class, user name, password, email address and unique ID (the student number from your management system).

If your file includes any additional fields, you should remove these by opening the file in Excel or another spreadsheet program and deleting the unwanted columns.

Remember to re-save the file as a CSV when you have done this.