WOLWH5 - How do I change the Site Manager for the LearningGrids Site?

Applies To

  • WriteOnline for Windows
  • WriteOnline for Mac


You wish to change the details of the Site Manager for the school's LearningGrids site.


To comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA 1998), it is a requirement that we receive authorisation from the Head Teacher before we can change a Site Manager.

This is because a Site Manager is able to view all files and user account information on the school’s LearningGrids site.

To change the Site Manager for your school’s LearningGrids site the Head Teacher must send a letter or fax on letter headed paper requesting the LearningGrids Site Manager to be changed. The letter must include the current Site Managers full name and email address and the new Site Managers full name and email address along with the full name and signature of the Head Teacher.

Please send the letter to:

For UK customers:   For US customers:
Crick Software Ltd 
Crick House
Boarden Close
Moulton Park

Fax: 01604 671692
            Crick Software Inc
191 Post Road West
CT 06880

Fax: 203 221 2698 


Please note it can take up to 48 hours to change the Site Manager.