WOLWH3 - How do I register Teachers on our LearningGrids site?

Applies To

  • WriteOnline


You would like to register one or more Teachers on your school’s LearningGrids Site.


There are three methods available to register Teachers on your LearningGrids site:

Invite Teachers to register themselves

Teachers can register a new LearningGrids account for themselves by clicking Free Registration at the top the LearningGrids webpage.

They can then visit the school/organization LearningGrids site URL and input the site passcode to be registered with the school/organization LearningGrids site (these details were emailed to the LearningGrids Site Manager when the subscription started).

Register a single Teacher

To register a single Teacher who doesn't already have a LearningGrids account:

  1. Open the Manage Site tab.
  2. Click Teachers on the left.
  3. Click Register new Teacher on the left.
  4. Supply the required information, then click Save.
  5. Notify the Teacher of their new account details.

Import multiple Teachers

To import multiple Teachers, you can upload a .CSV file containing the first name, last name and email address as separate fields for each Teacher.

It can optionally contain username, password and unique id fields (these are generated if not supplied).

  1. Open the Manage Site tab.
  2. Click Teachers on the left.
  3. Click Import Teachers on the left.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Please note, only the registered LearningGrids Site Manager can create Teacher accounts.

If you log into LearningGrids as a Teacher or Student, the Manage Site tab does not appear.