WOLWH10 - How do I transfer licenses?

Applies To

  • WriteOnline


You no longer wish to use WriteOnline on some (or all) of the computers that currently have it installed.


To transfer an activated WriteOnline license from one computer to another, please follow the License Transfer Procedure below:

  1. Visit the following website and enter your WriteOnline serial number:


    If it is not already registered, please register it before continuing.

  2. Uninstall WriteOnline from the current computer(s).

  3. Email the Support team (support@cricksoft.com), stating that you have uninstalled WriteOnline from the computer(s) and that you wish to transfer the license(s). Please include your WriteOnline serial number.

  4. We will email you back to confirm when the license(s) have been transferred. You can then proceed to install WriteOnline onto other computer(s) using the same WriteOnline serial number.