WOLWF1 - How do I access WriteOnline through a Proxy Server?

Applies To

  • WriteOnline for Windows
  • WriteOnline for Mac


You get authentication errors when you try to log on to WriteOnline and/or you are unable to access your Online Folders for WriteOnline as access is being blocked by a proxy server.


If the proxy server is located on your organization's network, your IT Technician will need to create access rules in order for the proxy server to allow WriteOnline to access our LearningGrids servers without authentication.

Your Internet Service Provider may also have a proxy server in place - if so, please contact them and pass them the information provided on this page.

The URLs that they will need to add to the rules are:









If your proxy server accepts Wildcards you can use *.learninggrids.com.

If your proxy server only supports IP addresses you can use our IP address instead

WriteOnline communicates with the Internet through Port 80 and Port 443. You must ensure these are unblocked.

Please note that WriteOnline will use proxy settings from Internet Explorer(Windows)/Safari(Mac). If you are experiencing issues, please ensure that these programs are correctly configured to work with your proxy server.


Due to the number of different types of proxy server, we cannot provide you with specific information relating to the configuration of your particular system.