WAWH4 - What is WebDAV and how do I use it?

Applies To

  • WriteOnline App for iPad


You wish to know how WebDAV can be used to share files in the WriteOnline App.


Enable sharing with WebDAV

In the WriteOnline App, tap the Settings icon in the top toolbar, tap Sharing and turn on WebDAV.

Link to WebDAV

Tap the File Explorer and then tap WebDAV on the left. Tap Link to WebDAV, enter the address of the server and your account details, and then tap the (>) icon.

To unlink from the server, tap Edit and tap Unlink WebDAV.

Add files to WebDAV

Tap the File Explorer icon and then tap iPad on the left. Browse to your files, tap Edit, tap one or more files, and then tap Copy. Tap WebDAV on the left, browse to your desired location and tap Paste.

Open files from WebDAV

Tap the File Explorer icon and then tap WebDAV on the left. Browse to your file and tap it to open it. This will copy it to the WebDAV Downloads folder on your iPad so that the file can be accessed later, even without an Internet connection.


What is WebDAV?

WebDAV is a service that allows files to be shared over the Internet. When you connect to a WebDAV file server, you can open, edit and delete files as if they were on your device.

To use WriteOnline App files with WebDAV, configure WebDAV to use these MIME types: