DPWH5 - DocsPlus does not appear to launch

Applies To

  • DocsPlus


Nothing appears to happen when DocsPlus is launched.


This is due to the presence of third party software that monitors processes on Windows/Mac OS X. DocsPlus features advanced software protection to prevent piracy, which will stop DocsPlus from launching correctly if it thinks it is being attacked.

As with all software protection, this can sometimes be triggered accidentally by certain third party software. DocsPlus has been successfully tested with all major antivirus software, however we have received feedback about certain products that are incompatible.

Dependency Walker

Impero - a workaround is to add "DocsPlus.exe" as an injection exclusion from the Impero Server console (courtesy of Impero).

Policy Central Enterprise

Print Audit 5

Process Monitor


Any type of process monitoring software can potentially cause this issue. If you are experiencing these symptoms, disable such software from running. We would appreciate any feedback you can provide that we can share with our customers - please email us at support@cricksoft.com.