DPWH35 - Using Exam Mode

Applies To

  • DocsPlus


You would like to learn more about Exam Mode and how to use it.


In order for a student to use DocsPlus in an exam, it must be tailored to their individual additional access arrangements.

Exam Mode can be used to disable certain features of DocsPlus, so that a student can only access the support features that they are allowed to use.

To enable and configure Exam Mode:

  1. Open the Options ribbon tab and click Exam Mode.

  2. If a password hasn't been been set yet, or it's been forgotten, click Set up password.
    Type in your DocsPlus serial number followed by your new password, and then click OK.

  3. Type the password into the box. You can then select Exam Mode ON / OFF.

  4. To choose which features are disabled during Exam Mode, open the Options tab and check the relevant checkboxes (these settings are saved per Windows/Mac user account).

  5. Click OK to finish.

When enabled, an Exam Mode indicator appears in the bottom-left corner of the window. If a student tries to use a disabled feature, the following message will appear:

This is disallowed in Exam Mode

Please note: Exam Mode will remain enabled (even after closing and relaunching DocsPlus) until someone with the password disables it.