DPWH31 - Nothing happens when launching DocsPlus

Applies To

  • DocsPlus for Windows


When you try to launch DocsPlus, nothing happens.


The most likely explanations for this behaviour are below. If neither apply to your situation, please contact Support.

Your Windows version is too old

To check which version of Windows your computer has:

  1. Hold the Windows key and press R to open the Run window.

  2. Type in winver and click OK.

DocsPlus requires Windows 7Windows 8, or Windows 10.

If you have Windows XP or Windows Vista, your computer is incapable of running DocsPlus.

A faulty network installation

Your IT Department may have performed a network installation of DocsPlus. This enables them to remotely deploy DocsPlus to the computers on your organization's network.

If a new DocsPlus MSI package is generated in the same location as a previous one, the resulting MSI package will install correctly but DocsPlus will fail to launch.

In this situation, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Use Group Policy to uninstall DocsPlus from all computers.

    If this isn't possible, use our UninstallDocsPlus tool.

  2. Perform the steps in the Install to computers on a network section of the installation instructions to generate a new DocsPlus MSI package.

    Create a new folder in your chosen network share for the new MSI package and provide a UNC path to it when prompted.

  3. Deploy your new DocsPlus MSI package to a test computer.

    If DocsPlus launches correctly, deploy the MSI to the remaining computers.