C7WH9 - How do I add words to the Clicker 7 spell checker?

Applies To

  • Clicker 7


A correctly spelled word is marked as incorrect in Clicker 7.


On the Options ribbon tab, click Word Pool.

To add a word, type it in the top box and click Add. Alternatively, to add multiple words (such as a list of names), click Paste at the bottom.

Once a word has been added, it will no longer be considered as a misspelling.

To have a word suggested when a certain misspelling is typed, select it on the left, and then type in the Common Misspellings box.

If you have a network installation of Clicker 7, all your computers share the same Word Pool.


Clicker 7 features the popular Hunspell spell checker.

A word is considered misspelled if it doesn’t appear in Hunspell’s dictionary. Whilst every effort is made to include as many words as possible, some uncommon words are inevitably left out (particularly names).