C7WH7 - You do not have enough licenses to activate this software

Applies To

  • Clicker 7


When activating Clicker 7, you receive this error message:

You do not have enough licenses to activate this software


This is occurring because all the licenses on the Clicker 7 serial number have been activated on other computers.

To transfer an activated Clicker 7 license from one computer to another, please follow the License Transfer Procedure below:

  1. Visit the following website and enter the Clicker 7 serial number:


    If it is not already registered, please register it before continuing.

  2. Click Manage Licenses.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Clicker 7 is licensed per computer. To implement this, each installation of Clicker 7 must be activated before it can be used.

Activating Clicker 7 allocates a license to a computer. When all your licenses have been activated, you cannot activate Clicker 7 on any more computers.

At this point, if you wish to install Clicker 7 to more computers, you will need to transfer licenses from computers that currently have Clicker 7 installed by following the above procedure.