C7WH38 - How can I adjust the size of a Clicker Set?

Applies To

  • Clicker 7


You would like to adjust the size of a Clicker Set.


  1. Open a Clicker Set.
  2. Hover the mouse between the Clicker Set and the Clicker Document.
  3. The mouse pointer will change from an arrow to a double headed arrow, then click and drag to adjust the size of the Clicker Set.

To set a fixed sized Clicker Custom Set:

  1. Open a Clicker Set, then go into Edit Mode.
  2. From the Ribbon, select Appearance, and then More Options.
  3. Check Remember grid/page height:, then set the grid/page height percentage.
  4. Click the OK and then go into Run Mode.
  5. The size of the Clicker Set will be adjusted.