C7WH35 - The Predictor is greyed out

Applies To

  • Clicker 7


The Predictor is disabled and greyed out.


There are two reasons for the Predictor to be disabled:

The Predictor is not available for the current language

If you have selected a speech engine or opened a Clicker Set that currently does not have a Predictor database installed, the Predictor button will be disabled.

Additional languages for the Predictor are included in Clicker MFL French and Spanish titles.


The Predictor has become corrupted

  1. In Windows Explorer, type/copy the following into the address bar and press Enter: C:\ProgramData\Crick Software\Predictor
  2. Delete the Predictor database file. 
  3. The Prediction database is recreated the next time Clicker 7 is launched.